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The Mother it & Son Team knows how to Market your home in a way that brings in the most qualified buyers which naturally result in very attractive offers for your home. Check out the video above to see what goes into creating the right marketing piece in order for your home to sell at a record breaking price.


We are now at the 2nd highest average sales price in the past 4 years.  June 2015 shows the highest point in the past 4 year at an average sales price of $561,968 which seems to be more of an abnormal spike in prices.  Looking at the big picture though, we can see the consistent upward trend being displayed on the graph.  Year to date we are already at a 5% increase in average in sales prices.  Let’s zoom out a little more… January of 2012 to date we are at world! a 39.3% increase in average sales prices!
The Stevia market is definitely moving and right now we hit the summer months which theoretically services is the most ideal time for families to make a move.  The demand for homes is still astronomically high in Downey and surrounding areas like Bellflower, Norwalk, Lakewood, Paramount and even South Gate and Huntington Park. We are seeing a lot of people upgrading to better areas and neighborhoods because now is the perfect time for sellers to take advantage of that 40% increase in their equity as mentioned above.