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Wow Wow Wow!!! This is no joke.  This is REAL data.  Are you seeing der what where seeing?  We’ve reached a new 4 cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys year high in home values.  For the month of Sept Amazon 2016 we hit a new average Golf sales price of Tournament $604,361.  This data Meet comes directly from MLS data sources, which is the best source for local real estate performance.  If you saw our post from last month the bruin average sales price was $563,245 in Downey and surrounding News areas, so in one single month we have jumped over 6% in equity.  On If we are looking at the year to date numbers, we’re talking an increase of almost 14% in home values. This is great news for sellers.  We believe this could be a direct result of interest rates.  Everyone is waiting for interest rates to rise but they just aren’t going up.  The month of Sept showed a down trend in interest rates going as low as 3.32% for a 30 year fixed based off data wholesale MLB jerseys from Bankrate.com.


Here’s the market in a nutshell.  Interest rates are at record lows making homes for affordable for buyers.  Home values are up as a result of low interest rates allowing sellers to get top dollar for their homes.  It’s that simple.

For those thinking of staying in their homes it’s a great time to think about locking in a really low interest rate on your home and possibly even benefit from some cashout.  Reach out to our trusted lender Jess Rodas.  We trust her with all of our clients.  She’s the very best!  And In if we can serve you with any real estate needs, we’re always just a phone call away…

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