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Who was scared last month when the average sales price of homes dropped substantially?

We’re sure there were some out there that thought that this was going to be the turn in the market.  October The average sales Schlampen price for the month of Oct was just above $559,000.  But look at the News huge spike in November ЗИМНИЙ to hit the 2nd highest average sales price for 2016.  We jumped to an average sale price of $582,646 which shows the market is still holding strong.  As you can see the trend is still shooting upward.  One interesting thing to note is that the market shot higher in November even though this was the same month the election took place.  This indicates that the election had no effect at least in the short term on the real estate market. We see a positive real estate market for 2017.  In some cases properties might stay a little longer on the market if the price isn’t quite right though.  If a property is not as aesthetically appealing as another one, it really comes down to pricing the property right.  There may be times where a seller sees comps that Trump match the square footage of theirs, and the comparable sold for a high price, but the seller then struggles with their home sitting on the market because it may not be as desirable as the comparable.  Maybe the layout isn’t as appealing, or maybe the exterior isn’t up to date.   The comp may be comparable in students square footage but maybe the yard isn’t as large or needs a lot of work.  When it comes to selling homes, you need an expert to really price the property right in order for it to sell.  When it comes down to it, that’s what sellers want a real estate professional to do, sell the home! As long as interest rates stay where they are at currently, the consumer will still have a Market lot of buying power and home values will remain at higher ネット放送局、開局しませんか?(機材レンタル付き) levels.

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